When you walk past grace and don't even see it because all the stuff has made your vision foggy and has dumbed down your senses but when all the kids get foggy too and when their attitudes make you see the reality in all of you and suddenly you realize how much you need grace, not this self-sufficiency and blindness. 

And when you stand at the pantry door and listen to the boy cry his way through the discipline and you cry too because you need grace as much as he does and because grace is hard-fought. 

Because when the other boy comes in after his own discipline and declares "I'm hungry. Can I please have a second chance?" you can give bigger grace now that you've tasted it yourself and you smile, yes! have another chance! And his brother echoes, "I think I need a second chance too" and this grace is contagious and free and full. 

When our biggest needs drive us to grace. I need food! Grace? I'm thirsty! Grace? My attitude stinks! Grace? Yes and yes and yes. And all of us, full of grace, have dinner together in joy because of the sweetness of the unity that grace offers. We're all broken and we're all rescued. 
let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart