Thankful x 50

1. orange, yellow and red leaves
2. friends who speak truth into my life
3. ipod shuffle
4. my singing daughter and how she shakes her head to make her voice sound vibrato
5. the 4 year old's collections. yesterday i found 10 rubber bouncy balls, 2 lemon heads and a half-empty bottle of hand sanitizer in his pants pockets at the end of the day
6. a husband who jogs with me and as i loose momentum at the end of the run reaches his hand behind him, looking for my hand, and pulls me forward
7. Corn Chex
8. Peet's coffee
9. the family at the river
10. McDonald's $1 sweet tea
11. methods of fly destruction.
a. the fly swatter
b. the first frost
12. the 6 year old who wears his heart on his sleeve, tucked in just below a thick, wooly sweatshirt
13. books
14. being on the receiving end of a legacy of faith
15. pajama day at school
16. denim
17. memories
18. insightful conversations with Ryan
19. direct deposit and online bill pay
20. grace. unmerritted, underserved, unconditional
21. laundry baskets
22. the longevity of Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony
23. the generousity of others toward me
24. modern day conveniences, particularly
a. the heater
b. the toilet
c. finger nail clippers
25. gap's curvy jeans
26. people who adopt
27. finance blogs
28. pinapple
29. my kids who say things like, "i love you 5 google" even though i didn't know that goole was even a number
30. the depth of honesty
31. nightlights
32. a quality "mentor"
33. the peace that sweeps over my house and my face at 7:30 pm
34. kindness
35. goodness
36. that the sun is really a star and how i say that like it's great but i really don't get it.
37. having to share everything with my sister when i was little. i loved it. but i think i may have been a bully
38. grace from a sister
39. the camera. the way we can manipulate light and see things in an entirely new way
40. boots
41. knowing who wins in the battle between good and evil
42. music
43. the Q-tip
44. knuckles
45. the group hug
46. love
47. john 3:16
48. rest
49. the way the baby gives hugs and kisses
50. families
let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart