Four For Your Friday

this is the reason that my kid will scream at and hit your kid in the nursery if she so much as attempts to hug or cuddle or help him do anything. basically my kid gets manhandled and force-fed by the siblings all day everyday at home and by the time Sunday rolls around he doesn't have any patience for your well-meaning toddler's affections.
and again.

she's every bit as spunky as she looks.

if the routine of my days had to be summed up in one picture, i think this would best describe this season of my life.

And four more. Just for fun.

this is our hallway. i love it. i love the way the sunlight comes through the little windows.

at some point in time, my husband established a rule which makes balloons fall into the same category as snails. the kids can play with them outside, but they must be released into the wild before the kids are allowed in the house.

she's outside, clearly. still able to appreciate the proximity of all three balloons.

let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart