Give a Goat! Or Some Chickens! Or Clean Water!

This Christmas, expand the longevity of your giving! Instead of giving people just stuff that will fall apart, get lost, or be useless within a year, give something that will be valued for a lifetime. World Vision has a great website where you can give specific, tangible goods to families around the globe who are in dire need of basic resources. You can give a few ducks or chickens (of which the eggs can be eaten and offspring sold) or a goat or a cow or so many other things. Incorporate the generous giving of highly valuable resources into your shopping list this year. There will be immense long-lasting rewards.

I think these bracelets and these necklaces are fantastic!

My friends J & C are in the final process of adopting two kids from Uganda. How appropriate are these?

I think we might buy some livestock and then wrap a picture of it and put in under our tree and make the "gift of giving" part of our Christmas morning with the kids.

It is good to give, ya know?
let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart