While We Were Still Helpless

A young child climbed up onto a table. In this dangerous position he sat and played and peered over the edge, seeming to understand the consequence of leaning too far. Soon the boy began grunting. “Ugh. Eh. Eh. Ugh. Eh.” He wanted to get down from a place he shouldn’t have been. He wanted down but he couldn’t do it by himself and he called for help.

The little boy’s dad walked over to his child and sat down on the table next to his now unhappy boy. Dad sat silently on the table and looked lovingly at his son. He wished his little boy wouldn’t have climbed on the table because he knew the risk of his act and he was also thankful that the little boy cried for help before he fell.

At the sight of his rescuer the boy quickly crawled over to his dad, pulled on his shirt into a standing position, and immediately wrapped his arms around daddy’s neck. Saved!

“I love you” dad declared. No scolding, no slap on the wrist, no needing explanation or resolution or repentance. Just love. Saving love.

let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart