Let's Take a Drive

I'm making little discoveries about life.Some of my discoveries are more profound, food for my soul. Others are not as profound but valuable none the less.

Like this week I came to realize that, although I thought it impossible, I've grown to actually like where I live. The valley of California is FLAT. But the pasture land and corn fields and orchards are stunning.
I took these pictures out of the car window while I was driving so don't be too critical. Some day when the baby isn't screaming bloody murder I'll actually pull over and take a decent photograph.

I fulfill my carpool, soccer mom, soccer wife, grocery shopping, kid-hauling duties and I pass orchard after orchard, cornfields that cover entire blocks, a Target (convenient!!), and pasture land with many many many cows.
I didn't know that it is possible for a place where the biggest hill is my driveway to be beautiful, but it is. Very beautiful.
let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart