Game On

It's soccer season. Lots of soccer games getting watched these days. Like 4 this week alone. Thank goodness they're cute!

What's the kid on the right doing? Who knows, but THAT'S why I love kids soccer. This guy pulling his hair, that guy talking to his mom, those two wrestling near the goal instead of playing the game. Classic.

That's my oldest in the white jersey. Is it just me or is that guy he's defending a high schooler? Pretty big for an under 8 player, where'd they grow him? And why does the top of his sock come up to my kids' waist?

His killer goal kick skills.

Let me introduce you to the cutest under 5 team in history. Notice the proximity of space between each player. I guess 4 year olds like to be close.

This is my boy scoring a goal!

And again!

Here they are standing on top of each other again.

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