Dindin; Dilskie Von Vilskie; DillPickle; Dylers; Baby D

Dear Dylan,

I never dreamed of you. Never knew you were even possible. I never expected you. You are a perfect example of "His ways are higher than our ways; His thoughts wiser than our thoughts" (much wiser; much much better!). I wasn't always excited about the thought of another one to care for. I wasn't always tuned in to the mysterious beauty of one more life under this roof. But you, oh I always loved you. The same way God knit you together and formed your body is the same way he inscribed love for you on my soul. Love that has no definition; nothing to explain it other than to say my son.
You started out like this.

You've nearly always done this.

Somewhere down the line you looked like this.

And now you are this.

Your life by itself (void of actions, abilities, or reciprocated emotions) is priceless. I don't fully understand this about myself, yet I am 100% sure of this truth about your life. You are a gift treasured more than gold or silver.
And you are one year old.
Holy cow that was a quick year!

You went from spitting up on accident to spitting on purpose.
From listening to sibling-songs to humming along.
From flailing your legs helplessly to crawling and nearly walking.
From smiling in your dreams to laughing with others.
From having lazy, wandering eyes to playing peekaboo.

Way to grow, buddy. Thanks for hanging out with us this year.

love, me

let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart