This is a Story About Sammy

I've been reading a story about a little boy named Samuel.

Actually the part that I've been obsessing over is about Samuel's mom, Hannah. Hannah was a downhearted woman, sad because she wanted to have children but had none. So she wept and pleaded for a son; bargaining with God.

Before Hannah even conceived she rejoiced and "her face was radiant" because she was so sure that her cries were heard. Within the year Hannah gave birth to Samuel. Can you imagine her joy? Hannah hangs out with Samuel for a few years but then, in an act of grand proportion, she takes her only son to the temple because in her bargaining she promised God her son's life-long service. She gave back to God that which she knew was a fulfillment of God's blessing in her life.

The story goes on that Hannah made little robes for Samuel and would take them to him each year...she loved him. And she probably missed him, too. But she knew that he could do and be greater in God's presence than he could be in her own. And she was thankful for his life.

I admire Hannah for fulfilling her end of the deal and it makes me think about the things that I hold on to. Things that I have probably cried, prayed, begged for, and now complain about. But really I should be honoring them with little robes and just be thankful for the blessings and life.
(my husband took this picture. i LOVE it when he picks up my camera)

it had been a while since i looked at the ocean. it was delightful.

Dindin was sitting contentedly on my lap until he saw his dad. Then he made a b-line. It's a beautiful picture of honest love.

let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart