When you and Ryan begin the hike around Pinecrest Lake with the only child who wants to attempt the 4 mile loop with you and Ryan talks about how he used to run around the lake during the summer to train for soccer season and the oldest listens to his dad carefully. And then when Ryan loses sight of the trail for a quick moment as you make your way down and around the face of an enormous rock and Ryan quickly finds the dirt trail again at the top of the rock instead of at the bottom so you walk 10 paces and get back on the path, the boy who wonders about everything asks his dad, "I thought you hiked this trail a lot." And his dad chuckles a little and answers, "Well, it's been a while." And the boy with all the confidence in the world says, "And the rocks have moved"? Because it's easier for this 10 year old boy to believe that rocks can be moved than it is to question the abilities of his dad who is wholly trustworthy.

When this 10 year old lives anti-doubt and you are humbled by his authentic confidence because isn't this the confidence you should have too? Isn't the God who is more trustworthy and capable than any boys' dad ever can be more likely to move the rocks than let you get lost or fall off the trail? Isn't he a trail guide who will never let something small like a mountain stand in the way of getting you to the end? Isn't he?

let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart