because sometimes your feel like your heart is in the middle of a drought, like the water level is lower than it should be and you feel exposed. 

when you find yourself broken and bawling on the floor over what could have been nothing, a simple human failure, entirely forgivable, and yet you get stuck there with your back against the wall, unable to recover because it feels as though all the pieces of your life are shedding. all those tired yawns, sore feet, bruises, forgotten appointments, they are marking you with the reality of your brokenness, your need for more water.

and the question that keeps sweeping in circles becomes the voice of your tears: how do you live life while broken? how do you survive a drought that threatens to suck life's water from your rickety bones? 

it takes weeks to figure out the answer, to get over your own brokenness long enough to listen and remember simple truths that are so hard to practice, but weeks of weakness reveal. 

be still. wait patiently. trust in the unseen. get water from the one source that doesn't dry up. this drought doesn't define you; it marks you, but it doesn't make you who you are and it won't demolish you along the way. you will be thirsty but you know living water. you will feel like that rock with the watermarks which show what has been but what isn't anymore...like you are lacking something and you will want to hold signs like those plastered along the California highways "Severe Drought: Use Water Cautiously" but you know you weren't designed for that. 

because historically times of drought are refining and glory defining, God's opportunities to break through what seems desperate and remind his people that his ways are not our ways and when God's people humble themselves and trust in what doesn't make sense to the eyes, the sense of the heart is strengthened. 

so you will resolve today and tomorrow to not give up on the confidence you knew in the season of plenty, and you will trust in more than water lines and calendars and outside temperatures and budgets. 

you will be strong and courageous and broken and loved.

let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart