Because there are all these people with all these ideas and demands that spin you in circles and you get lost in whatever it is that is important to all these people and you're left unraveling.

When the tension is so unrelenting and you've tied all of your broken pieces into knots with the strain of it all, praying prayers that sound confusing to you because you have only that confusion to offer. But you have a really clean kitchen because when everything else feels so entirely out of control, you roll the table out and spend hours cleaning. cleaning and praying and praying and scrubbing because you know the deep truth of the mess you're in and it's easier to polish floors than people.

When in the middle of being lost you hear your own cries, "what am i doing? where am i? who am i?" and you don't know the answers really, but you do find this: I AM. It's not you you find. It's I AM.

When the breath of God's own name, I AM, YAHWEH, satisfies. Because who he is, is the gap of everything you're not and his very name defines your days and desires. He is I AM so you don't have to worry about what you can't be. He is The I AM, the fullness of all the things you long to hold and have and he is the deep breath and sigh when you sit in the middle of the floor and can't figure out what the next step is or even what direction you are facing. He is the I AM fire that burns without burning up. He is the I AM way out of bondage to freedom. HE IS. So you can be okay. You can because HE IS.

When this One Good I Am cares about the mess you're in and in his grace and love he walks you through it, one rescue at a time.

let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart