because now you know.
because today was the day that you re-learned that exploring ignites some place in your core where curiosity and wonder meet with tension and mystery and anticipation. 
because you had forgotten about the part of you that relishes adventure.

when driving and navigating and packing lunches and filling gas tanks and leading and questioning and asking and wondering and waiting and deciding and going and doing and seeing and being and loving and caring and encouraging and scolding and holding and watching, made this day fantastic. because there are so many days, most days, most of the time, that you've lacked in desire to be all or any of these things, but you did them solely to prove the point that you could and would, win, lose or draw. 

because what came of the just do it was fantastic. scary at first, what with all your well-used habits of making excuses, but all of that was flushed away when the singing happened loud and silly, and when the three of them actually quit their fits when you threatened to turn the car around before you had even left town, and when the museum provided so much learning and you didn't have to teach any of it and the oldest was teaching you, and when they all offered to push the stroller at the zoo and they didn't cry when you said no to souvenirs, and when the oldest played and enticed the youngest out of his bad mood when you stopped for food on the way home.
soul food.

let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart