It was October of last year when you were relishing in the quiet and peaceful days when you could do what you wanted...you ran nearly everyday for exercise, read books on end, played with a 3 year old, kept a mostly clean house...it was like each day was a slow, deep breath. But somewhere in the slow space, sitting and sipping coffee, you knew in your heart that this was a season that would pass and you were glad for that because with all the personal free time came tension in the family time. The heartbeat of the family was strained, crying for a bypass.

When, one year later, you can't find the time to exercise, clean, or sit because you have all these people here all the time and they're busy people, making messes and learning in large, colorful lives. Because you think back to this time last year and are so thankful for that time of resting before this new beginning and it seems to carry you through these days now and you know assuredly that your life is meant to be lived this rich, messy way, and though you sometimes miss the sitting part and you keep thinking about how you need to start the jogging part again, there is peace here in the doing.

let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart