when you decide so last minute to do a way scaled down version of the Passover Seder with the family because remembering is important even when you've forgotten to remember and when you eat dinner on the living room floor with your Haggadahs that highlight the part when Jesus asks you to remember...remember his body, remember his blood, drink the Cup of Redemption, say "l'chaim" because he is God and God is Life and God gives life. because this remembering is communion and this, our small family, we commune over spilled Matzoh ball soup and this one kid doing Kung-Fu moves while we read blessing after blessing and when we dip our finger in the juice and lessen the Cup of Joy with each plague remembered and even when we eat off of paper plates, we are here. being us. remembering.

and when the 2 hour dinner is over and your hearts are well satisfied because fullness follows the emptying and each cup emptied means something. you didn't just drink 5 cups of juice, you drank 5 cups of juice that have purpose and meaning and as you empty each cup, the remembering fills your soul.

and also because your genius husband hid the afikomen in a very tricky spot so when it was the kids' turn to find it, you sat with him in quietness for 10 minutes while they worked together (there's a ransom involved!) to find the hidden matzoh.

let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart