because this whole parenting thing is so dynamic, ever changing, adapting, learning, seeing, re-learning, re-seeing, and when it becomes clear that the older two need more communication, need more fore-knowledge, need more in-depth explanations and honest verbalization about our lives and doing that seems to open wider the door of peace and resolutions and calm. because no matter how many times you ask them to please stop growing, they shrug and say they just can't help it and you know that there is goodness in more than just their growing; there's joy knowing that they're being grown. that your parent exploits aren't ever in vain because you are steadily and wearily and persistently partnering with what god is doing in and through them and that is a miracle in itself; god is here, daily, creating a life of love in these here and you get a front row seat.
because when you ask them what their futures look like their answer is always the same: they just want to be like their dad.
let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart