when the things that you've been thinking about from Monday through Saturday are the things that get said on Sunday morning when you're with people whom you trust and love.

when the simple truth that there is a creator of this whole earth and all its people and creatures becomes like a new song in your heart and you know that this simple truth makes your reality concrete and sustainable. and how that creator didn't start the ball spinning and then walk away to let it unravel, but that all things...all our days, all our moments, all our souls... are held together by him.
when she said it while sitting here at the kitchen table, about how this child needs to know that he's in the deep trenches of laying the foundations of learning with reading and writing and that this is his God-given responsibility right now, it made perfect sense. and then it was said again at church, that foundations matter and Christ is the supreme foundation for all of life and beyond, the only foundation that lasts forever.

It is good when Monday through Saturday and Sunday are intertwined. God is faithful, day in and day out.

let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart