a gnarly style

"clean it up on the sides and back". That's what I told the guy who apparently only knows how to give one kind of little boy hair cut. As he pulled out the clippers the red flag flashed in front of my eyes but I ignored it, trusting this stranger to make sure my kid would look cute for Christmas and the gobs of pictures that accompany the holiday. But it was all I could do to hold back tears as Logan's hair life vanished to the ground. And once he started creating his monstrosity of a hair cut, I knew I had to let him finish. An interrupted haircut from a guy that can't cut hair is a disaster and worse than letting him go with whatever mutilated picture of my kids head that he has in his mind. Learned that lesson a long time ago.

No more $10 haircuts for Logan. He'll probably be the only 1 year old with a stylist of his own, but honestly, I can't afford the emotional trauma of doing it any other way. Caleb's hair is so easy to cut...thick and forgiving. Logan's thin and blonde locks need more attention, more than I can provide so I'm off to find Logan a stylist.

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