Love really won ages ago when God himself became human to die in my stead, his innocence to replace my guilt, willingly giving his life for mine. Love won when death was beaten, once for all, when the God-Made-Man purposefully let his life-blood drain as a pardon for the inconceivable...me.

Because this is real love: that one lay down his life for his friends. Love always involves laying down.
But the whole world, this whole family, my whole heart screams at the injustice of love. It’s just not fair. Our home resounds with “i hate you”s when we don’t get our way, my heart boils with “I told you so”s and unfounded demands for my people to pay attention to what I need.

And love’s greater injustice is broader than any scope of any love I can manufacture, that Jesus died for me not while I was his friend but while I was his enemy, and the injustice is on my behalf. Because LOVE gave himself to me when friendship was but a hope and love pursued me when my back was turned.

Love. Makes a friend out of an enemy by giving everything.

Love won when death died and life walked out of the grave. Love won then, centuries ago, and love keeps winning because love is alive. Though taunted by death love remains untainted and keeps on spilling over and over and over because love could not be bound by the rules of death and love can not be bound by the hardness of my heart or the depravity of my life. Love keeps winning because it is that living water that seeps through the cracks and wears down my rocky-hard heavy heart and leaves light and life in its place.

These are true: God Is Love. Love Already Won.
let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart