when the boy who has been practicing writing expository essays this year comes out of his room way past his bedtime and you delve into the real deal behind all the complaints and it turns out that the real deal for him is the deal you've fought through too, that fear thing, the one that plays tricks and jumbles ideals and makes rock seem like quicksand and you say to him about the unknown, "isn't it kind of exciting thinking of the adventures that are still up for grabs?" and he makes it all come full circle, "yes, but i want to know what the detail paragraphs will say. god is writing the introduction now and i know the conclusion will be heaven, but what will be in all my detail paragraphs?" and because he sees how Mrs. Hastert had him practice paragraphs before she asked for essays, he can see how god is teaching him character now that he will need later.

because the fear of the detail paragraphs can cripple, but god has laid out the brainstorm web for him, for you too, and in it is enough of the plan to bring peace and trusting the author, walking with the author, knowing the author, grants freedom to live courageously in every moment of all the days.

let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart