When you finish running those handful of miles on those smokey streets on that hot morning and you sit down to read words of life while you wait for the bigger boys to finish with their golf clinic and, ironically, you read words about a runner, an athlete, and the words dig deep and rest.

"So run with purpose in every step". (1 Cor. 9:26)

And you know you're not an athlete; you don't train like an athlete, but you are working through a marathon. This life, these kids, this family, community, these are your marathon and God is perpetually asking you to run with purpose because this is what he has set before you and named it "your life" and it's yours for the taking, or yours for the leaving if you so choose, but taking the life for what it is and running through it with purpose and drive makes this life worth the taking, even when it's not the life you envisioned.

Because navigating through this life can seem overwhelming and your tendency is to shrug and walk away or just take the most common road by default but when you own the marathon you're running and see the beauty of the possibilities that come with this life and open your heart and hands to really knowing, really caring, really purposing through the grind of each step, this gives way to freedom, contentedness and outright joy even though it is difficult.

And then you hear the golf instructors' final words before the kids leave, "remember what we said about aim; you have to aim your entire body if you want to have a chance at getting the ball to go where you want it to go" and that's the whole point. Aim matters.

And you must determine with each step these days to refocus your aim from head to toe and walk with purpose through the whatever, whenever, however.

let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart