when it is so difficult to run at the same pace as another person because you want to run slower and he wants to be faster and finding middle ground is hard most of the time and you say to him, "slow down" because you tell yourself that you can't do what he does and you don't even want to try because you like being comfortable doing things the way you want, and he says, "try taking longer strides" and you spend so many miles arguing silently with his pace.

and isn't it uncomfortable pacing him or the kids or anyone else in real life too? to lay down and forfeit the me is pain-staking because you want them to be faster, get buckled more quickly, finish their dinners already, walk in a straight line down the aisle, and you would like it all done your way but you end up running ahead and dragging them to keep up and tempers fly and gnarl your gut.

but a true friend lays it all down for another, sacrifices comfort, pushes to run faster to keep up with, slows down to walk alongside, sits down next to the path to find a blue belly lizard, weeps with, mourns with, laughs with, dies for.

let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart