when the kids left the table and the husband moved to the chair next to you and took your hand and prayed out loud and then waited for you to pray but there were no words so he prayed again and then waited for you again and all you could say to your God is, "sometimes life just seems pointless, not valuable and hopeless. and i know that's not true but i can't see otherwise. show me."

then you drive in the morning and see the tiny little almond blossoms that are beginning to show themselves and you are reminded that hope springs eternal.

when He does show you hope and asks you to replace the selfish "pointless" with others-hope and pray for your husband, the orphaned baby waiting in Korea, the baby brewing in your sister, a great movement of God in this community, hearts of friends to be renewed. 

when you come home and He shows you the way toward content. and you feel safe here in this house and uncomfortable here...and both are good. let this place be safe but not your Shelter. let this house protect you from the elements but not from people. clean the floors and clothes but care for hearts. be free here but find your Freedom outside of here.

when He tells you, yes! dream! dreams are fun and dreams can carry us when we feel confined and dreams make light in a dark reality. but don't hope in your dreams. hope in the living God who breathes into dreams and makes them real. Who breathes into souls and makes them alive. Who breathes into days and makes them valuable.  

and this is the Walk: to not know and then ask and then receive. 
seek hope. see hope. know hope.

let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart