when you give him the pep talk that reminds him about who he is and what he is called to because working hard is hard and doesn't come easily at all for some of us here because we are easily distracted and we easily forget that life isn't about what other people are doing but more about what i need to be doing. when he sits on your lap and tears roll when he hears how wonderful and gifted and how very good god has created him to be. but then he can breathe and smile.

when you remind another that his dad is showing him love by disciplining and by giving him grace and another chance and because of that he can show love for his dad by caring for the people his dad loves. and then he can smile and breathe and be kind.

because these reminders were for them and for you. because remembering truths about talents and hard work and love and grace are easily overlooked, ignored. but in reality are the heartbeat of all of our days.

you are disciplined because you are loved.
you receive grace because you are loved
you can love because you have been loved.
you can work hard at the dailies so your life can point to the One who loves you best.

let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart