when the guts of the playroom explode into mass chaos and it's really okay because be there is a place in our lives for temporary chaos and we all side step it and step over it and stir it around a little even though it drives us all a little crazy and no one really plays in the playroom because there's no space to sit except in the one chair. and when the playroom finally gets picked up and you can actually use that laundry basket for laundry again and it is right and good and happy.
 and when you wipe clean the kitchen counter top for the first time in a little while because life got overwhelming there for a minute or two but seeing a counter without jelly and salt water taffy wrappers lets you remember that there are candy canes here and they are pretty and it is right and good and happy.
when you are learning that it is okay to roll with the mess sometimes because sometimes life is messy and you can't seem to make time to pick up all their stuff and all your stuff so you don't pick up anything and then eventually you make time to do the stuff you need to do and it is right and it is good and it is happy even though the mess has left your emotions a little bit raw and a little bit closer to the surface. 
let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart