lessons in age rings

when there is tension. because the emotional factor of these 6 people is substantial and because none of them can be expected to be cheery all the time and when we gradually move toward acceptance of differing moods, strange seasons, tiredness, and let this space be their space too and because catching their tears is hard because tears come with crying and it's hard to listen to kids, anyone really, cry whether they are crying over unmet expectations or needing a nap or spilled cereal or feeling lost but when we can just let us all cry and be okay with the sound of it, somehow the sobs become a melody and our hearts are adjusted and bowed down and there is communion and there peace and there are aches that become kneaded away by understanding and gladness that comes in part from the work it takes to carefully find out why someone is crying and carefully enter into that place alongside them and carefully take their hand and prepare to walk together back into the joy. when hearing the cry and letting the cry bring healing gives honor to the hurt and to the Healer and to the hearer. 

let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart