When you fill in those circles using a pen that has an American flag taped to it and you think to yourself, does it even matter, do these marks even mean anything at all here in this one-sided state with many electoral votes? And when you flip the page over to fill in more bubbles and that welling pride surfaces and you think to yourself, there is not a much better feeling in the world than that which comes with freedom; freedom to do this, freedom to sign my name on that paper at Table B and watch as the volunteer strikes through my address because I've been here and win or lose, pass or fail, I am free to pour over the voter guide and free to have an opinion about who may be a better leader and free to have a say about how my taxes are spent.

Because freedom must not be taken lightly. Because freedom is expensive and freedom is hard-fought and because freedom is valuable and important and it is motivating. And when the boy asks who I'm voting to be president for the next 4 years, it's difficult to rationalize voting for any imperfect man (or for Roseanne Barr) but knowing first hand the possibilities that come with freedom, I pray and pray and vote and pray and trust that the God who has given me more freedom than the polling booth can ever represent will, somehow, guide this nation that has chosen for centuries to value freedom above all else.

Because freedom, freedom is my story. I once was captive to death and all of it's devises but now, now I am free.
let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart