This is the Stuff

I've been caught off guard by pure delight of life.

In the hussle of full days it's easy for me to find myself just getting by. But lately I have been on the brink of untainted enjoyment and I've let my heart wander there; I have paid attention to the subtile details around me which give my life meaning but are so fragile and quickly blend in with the nothings if they are not caught in time.

I sat in the middle of profound conversation with brilliant friends, the kind of friends that you know what is going on in their lives before they publish it to their blogs, sipping on tea with milk and sugar and we took turns letting our eyes well up with tears diametrically connected to the intricate and deep moments of life. As one friend's eyes filled with tears, all of our eyes welled and later it would be another's turn to start the tearing. It was genuine. It was sincere. Moments that matter.

The dude that we've nicknamed "The Terrorist" because of his uncanny ability to cause problems, fell asleep in the most vulnerable, innocent, precious position sitting up in the chair in our living room. I watched him be still, which is a rarety, and I watched his lips purse the air as if he were sucking an invisible thumb. Moments of calm in the middle of craziness. Moments that serve as reminders about Goodness.

She has the best hair for pigtails. And braided pigtails? They are heavenly. Innocent, delightful moments combing a little girl's hair as she sings nonsense songs to the mirror.

This is my front yard. And this is what it looks like almost every day, full of the neighborhood kids. On any given day there are 9 - 12 kids running up and down the street. They don't set a foot in our house (or garage) nor do they accept food or drink without first asking permission from their parents. They share their toys, race on their bikes, draw elaborate chalk princesses in the driveway, and attempt to play organized sports together (though they fail every time). It's chaos. All they ask of us is that we tell them exactly where we are going when we leave and what we are eating when it gets dark and late and is time for dinner. Life-y, real, warm kid-moments.

This is the stuff that makes my life good.

let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart