Hello? Hello? Is This Thing On?

A certain someone in our house is pretty attached to his iPhone. But I'm not naming names or pointing fingers. I don't roll like that. Or something.

So tonight at dinner when he got a text message and set the phone on the table to inconspicuously read the message I pulled the guilt card and asked him who was more important than his family that he had to respond right now. He, without any sarcasm or jest in his tone, replied that of course no one is more important than his family and that he was wrong for even touching his phone while 2/4 of the kids were flinging spaghetti and another 1/4 was smashing spaghetti remnants in his hair and another 1/4 was trying to figure out how to slurp her spaghetti into her mouth. It was messy. It was ugly. I wouldn't classify it as a precious family moment. Just after he spoke the bold truth, the 6 year added his two cents as always.

"It's God."

"Uh, God is more important than dad's family but I'm pretty sure God didn't just text dad."

"Maybe it was Pastor Kent."

"Uh, Pastor Kent is not more important than dad's family. Thanks, though."

"Pastor Kent is also Gramps."

"Thanks for the clarification."

The 6 year old chuckles with the same sense of humor that has tricked him into thinking it's hilarious when he calls me the babysitter. And the same sense of humor that misleads him down the path of believing it's funny when he says "Nobody is a bad word because you have to say 'no butt-y'".
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