The One Where I Make Obscure Comparissons

I'm going to start calling the stage of life that I'm in, "My Kids Resemble Dogs."

When the doorbell rings the kids look at the door and then jump up and down over and over with an occasional outburst shout, "doorbell!" which I can only assume is what your dog means when he barks at the door.

When my kids get real excited they run around the living room in circles. They dart off with as much speed as they can through the length of the couch, tight turn, another tight turn, dash off through the couch-long straightaway, take off down the hall and come screaming back. Again. And again. And again. Until we onlookers get tired of the whole show and coax them into the kitchen for a drink of water.

All of the kids are interested in each others' poop. Where it was made, how big was it, did it clog the toilet, when do you think you'll go again kind of stuff. Nothing gross. They just want the facts.

They hear the clatter of plates coming out of the cabinet around dinnertime and they come out of nowhere and sit at the table. Waiting. Sometimes for a long time. I've learned to not set the table unless the meal is eminent. Otherwise I'm left saying "Out! It's not dinner time yet" as I point a finger toward the door, for hours.

It doesn't matter how long a piece of food has been laying on the table, they will eat it. Soggy Cheerios, harder than life PB&J, I've seen all kinds of leftovers devoured within seconds.

Ninety-five percent of the nights after the kids have been put to bed at least one of them will get up to either go to the bathroom again or just to wander the house one more time. When we say "go to bed" their heads fall and shoulders droop.

Their best friend is the guy in the closest proximity with food. If you have candy in your purse or pocket, watch out. They smell you coming.

Do you remember how you used to be able to relate every situation in life to an episode of Friends? "Oh my gosh. Just like when Ross was getting his lunch taken everyday at work" or "So funny to watch, like when Phoebe was running through the park with her arms flailing".

It's the same thing with my "kids act a lot like dogs" theory. The kids do stuff. And it reminds me of a dog.
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