Labor, Flips and Belly Buttons

I feel like I've been in labor for 3 weeks. I haven't been, of course, but I'm as weary as I would be if this baby was womb-bound forever. I blame my colossal need to be hydrated and my inability to meet said need, and an adverse reaction to my first-ever flu shot. I guess I really shouldn't complain seeing as how I'm 37 weeks along right now and could technically carry this little nameless bundle for 3 to 5 more grueling weeks. I did however chase a stray ball down the street this morning not once but thrice and with the wind blowing like it was, I was cruising at high speed. Well, high speed for a 9 month pregnant lady in flip flops. I don't think any of the neighbors saw me and I'm sure if they had they'd be traumatized for life, although one neighbor drove by later and turned his head away as he passed. Anyway, after my jaunt to save the wayward ball I was thinking that maybe I could bounce the baby out. So now I'm looking for a trampoline to borrow for a couple of hours just to see what happens.

Youngest Boy is now enrolled in gymnastics. Since he was spending the majority of his days throwing his body through the air in our living room I figured that activity needed some structure. On his first day of class he learned how to do a forward roll and a cartwheel and was basically in padded-room bliss until we left and the candy dispenser caught his eye. I will never leave the house without quarters in my wallet again. Man that kid can cause a scene.

Oldest Boy got to talk "INTO THE MICROPHONE" today during his class chapel. He learned his memory verse and got to recite it for all his classmates INTO THE MICROPHONE. He did a fabulous job and even wiped his face with the hem of his shirt showing off his belly button for a while. He's using all of his Kindergarten knowledge constantly like when he repeats and then rhymes every word I say all night.

The Girl is also excelling academically as her verbal skills now include the perfected "NO"! I'm pleased with her ability to defend herself as she simultaneous shouts "NO" and throws a mean right hook at whichever brother took whichtever toy she was playing with.
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