Can someone please tell me how to get this kind of brotherly love to manifest itself for all the rest of my days? Please?

Because seriously this melts my heart.

In other news, Oldest Boy is officially an un-preschooler. He refuses to call himself a Kindergartner because he "doesn't start Kindergarten until after summer" but he graduated yesterday from his preschool which, incidentally, is what spurred the love in the picture above. I overheard Youngest Boy telling his brother what a great job he did at his graduation/musical performance and it's obvious in his face that he was proud of Oldest Boy. And he was in good company because I was beaming.

The boys have been wrestling and chasing each other all day today, but last night provided a touching 5 seconds of BFF Kodak Moments.

And in other other news, The Girl refuses to walk. Unless no one is paying attention. A few times today we've caught her toddling but upon congratulation or thunderous applause she reverts to crawling. I'm hoping that she'll outgrow that pesky little habit before she graduates from preschool.

We'll see.
let love and faithfulness never leave you. bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart